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Who I work with

I work with a wide range of commercial clients - Businesses that want to show character and personality. Yes, there are practical and essential shots, but whether a computer desk, reception or storage cupboard, I look for angles, shapes and shadows that will bring each shot to life and work best with your brand.

What suits me best

Ideally, good natural soft light. Whether that's a light filled room or out and about. I'm not a studio photographer and I don't carry lots of gear. I just like to get to know my clients and make them feel comfortable having me around them. 


What I charge

I don't charge anything to chat, that's something I do as a hobby. An initial meeting and conversation about what you want to achieve and what I can do is part of the process.

My quotes are based on a minimum of 1/2 day rate of £300. That doesn't include travel and other expenses beyond a 10 mile radius from where I live. That would be extra.


What I can do for you 

I'll meet you, listen to you and give you my suggestions. Together we will create a basic brief and shot list. I'll plan and arrange the shoot, giving you ideas on how to dress your space and be prepared. 

Some people hate having their photograph taken and I'm sure some of your team, if you have any may feel the same. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to make every person feel relaxed. I want them happy to be themselves and hopefully wear a big smile. 

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